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A blog about my passions which include; politics, occult knowledge, liberty, sex, bdsm, all with my own unique twist, and a hint of the geek which rests in my heart. I am a 23 year old male, who is the happy master of a beautiful 19 year old women, who is happy to call herself my slave. We have been a loving couple for a little under two years, although our relationship is long distance we make time for each other and plan visits when we can fit them in.

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Jul. 27, 10

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Jul. 04, 10

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Jun. 30, 10

04:18 PM

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder, a secret order."
Carl Jung (via heartmindspirit)
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Jun. 18, 10

04:31 AM

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything."
Friedrich Nietzsche (via vild) (via nihilistidealist) (via thegirlwithkaleidoscopeyes)
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“The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, but a state of mind."
John Burroughs (via commondense)
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Jun. 17, 10

01:21 AM

“If you put someone up on a pedestal, expect to get kicked in the face."
Micheal Tsarion (via heartmindspirit) (via parkstepp) (via commondense)
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Jun. 15, 10

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problem solved :) hahaha

07:51 PM

On Personal Harmony and Joy

As I often like to do, I will punctuate this post with the last. It seems almost irrational, for me to see the world as needing harmony, love, and unity, when of of my great joys in life is the possession, and discomfort of another soul. The two are far from counter intuitive.

Before we can see the macroscope of human condition, we must look at the individual human. We are complicated creatures with needs and drives instilled in us by imperfect genes, and often troubling upbringings. Life if anything, is often not sane. So too, would such a lives create creatures that seem imperfect.

This is where unity and compassion come in though. If we are all splinted pieces of a perfect unified oneness, then surely, when recongealed perfection is assured. I need control, I need to push limits, I enjoy making discomfort. These things bring me joy, and sexual satisfaction.

My slave on the other hand thrives on lustful attentions. She loves nothing more than to be sexual for others. She also loves to have her control removed, and enjoys pushing herself to please. She loves experimentation and kinkiness.

To love her, to find harmony is to give her these things. We satisfy each other in ways no two other people could. We mesh together like missing pieces of a puzzle. We are not perfect, but we can feel temperance in the satisfaction of each others needs.

We are perfect because we see the needs of the other as the needs of ourselves. We accept those needs, and we strive to fulfill them. We are a microcosm of what the whole of humanity should be.

I do not way to sound like I am saying we are better than anyone else. Oh know, for we are imperfect; all of us are. But we have accepted our imperfections and shortcomings and decided to love regardless. Not only love, but thrive through shared empathy.

We must accept we all want the same things, but how we find them is unique. That there are thousands of expressions of joy. That we ought to not only allow people to express them, but encourage it. It is only when we accept all of a person, quirks included, that we can love them.

I personally enjoy our quirks, I thrive on them. They are normal and natural for us. I call them quirks, because I accept that others do not share them. They are not universal traits. 

I am also not homosexual, I am not much of a risk taker, I am not a liberal when it comes to politics. But I can love those people who are, because I can see that they are trying to experience joy and fulfillment though their actions.

The same goes for my slave and I. Our actions are positive for us, they bring us closer. They express our love, our desires, and our willingness to fulfill those for each other. We encourage openness in each other, we communicate. We seek to understand first, and then to act in a way that satisfies us both.

What we have done is accepted the other person completely, and allowed them to be exactly who they are. It is this kind of acceptance, that allows us to see ourselves in everyone else. To see we all wake up with the same fears, joys, hopes, and similar set of problems.

When we can accept that, and dedicate ourselves to allowing for common solutions for common problems, while allowing individuals to express themselves completely, we will have achieved true peace on earth.

My love and I, my sweet slave and her dedicated Master, we settle for peace in the home, joy in each others arms, and utopia as we make love.

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